Patent & Trademark Fee Management

Patent Maintenance Fee Audit and Negotiation

You only pay if we save you money.

It is common for annuity providers to have hidden markups and foreign exchange fees that have no relation to reality. Some of our employees and consultants were executives at major annuity providers. We know the games that the industry plays.

We can reveal and negotiate away the following types of fees:

  • Artificial foreign exchange markups
  • Foreign agent fees when payment could be made without a foreign agent
  • Inflated foreign agent fees
  • Foreign agent charges when none was used
  • Charging an exchange fee even when paying a US maintenance payment for a US entity

We can provide the transparency that most annuity providers will not willingly provide. Without assistance from your provider, we will show you what they are really charging you. We will negotiate fair fees and in some cases get a refund for amounts previously paid.

How we work

  • You send us 100 or more invoices from your annuity provider.
  • We analyze each invoice against the official fees for that jurisdiction.
  • We analyze each invoice that includes an agent fee against our database for that jurisdiction.
  • We examine exchange rates on the date reflected on each invoice.
  • We provide you with a detailed report showing
    • The amount you were charged
    • The true official fee
    • The actual exchange rate
    • The prevailing agent fee if one is needed
    • The actual amount that the annuity provider is charging you
  • If the annuity provider's charges are higher than they represented, we will negotiate fee concessions on your behalf. In some cases we will negotiate a refund for past fees.
  • We base our negotiation upon detailed data which makes it hard for the audited associate to refute the compromise we seek.
  • You pay us a portion of the savings we successfully negotiate on your behalf.
  • One year after our engagement is complete, for no additional charge, we also audit the annuity provider to make sure they are complying with the fee concessions.

If you would like to learn more about this service, please contact us.

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