Patent & Trademark Fee Management

Foreign Patent Associate Audit and Negotiation

You only pay if we save you money.

Is your company getting the best rate for international patent prosecution services? PTFM has saved millions of dollars for America’s largest consumers of international patent prosecution services. Let us help you save too.

  • Accurately compare foreign associate fees for patent services
  • Discover best industry pricing for patent services
  • Get best pricing from new or existing associates
  • Save money without changing associates or sacrificing quality
  • We work on contingency or fixed fee
  • Our normalized database has extensive foreign data in almost every country of the world
  • We work with the largest IP owners in the world

How we work

  • You select a foreign associate you would like us to audit.
  • You send us 100 are more consecutive invoices from that associate.
  • Our team codes the invoices according to our detailed categorization process.
  • We analyze the coded invoices against those in our database for that jurisdiction.
  • We provide you with a detailed report comparing the audited associate’s charges against those of other associates in the same jurisdiction.
  • We generally breakdown the comparison into the following categories of services:
    • Filing related services
    • Grant related services
    • Prosecution related services
    • Annuity related services
    • Translation charges
  • If the associate’s charges are higher than they should be, we will negotiate fee concessions on your behalf.
  • We base our negotiation upon detailed data which makes it hard for the audited associate to refute the compromise we seek.
  • You pay us a portion of the savings we successfully negotiate on your behalf.
  • One year after our engagement is complete, for no additional charge, we also audit the associate invoices to make sure they are complying with the fee concessions.

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